Archive of Caucasian Philosophy and Theology

Archive of Caucasian Philosophy and Theology is a structural unit of New Georgian University. It aims to promote the development of the academic and research process at the university. Archive of Caucasian Philosophy and Theology aims to:

  • Protect Georgian philosophical and theological heritage and to provide its transmission to the new generations;
  • Provide the in-depth study of the rich theoretical heritage of Caucasian region, and to improve the scientific research in this regard in Georgia;
  • Re-actualize Georgian philosophical and theological traditions in contemporary global world;
  • Develop new academic and research methodology in Christian philosophy and theology;
  • Introduce Archive`s research results in the academic process;
  • Provide optimum conditions for the successful research activity in philosophy and theology;
  • Educate the new generations of researchers in philosophy and theology, to implement corresponding undergraduate, graduate, and PhD programs.